Welcome to Mrs. Houska's Class

Contact: brandy.houska@frontierok.com


Plan time: 10:00 - 11:00




This is my 12th year to teach second grade at Frontier School. Second graders are a lot of fun!



         Students will be given weekly spelling words on Friday.  The spelling list will be sent home in the homework section of the binder.  Students are asked to practice spelling his or her words at home.  Spelling tests will occur on Thursdays. 


         Reading comprehension tests will be given on Fridays.  This test will assess comprehension skills learned in reading that week.  When a four-day week occurs the test will be given on Thursday.


         Math tests will not occur weekly. Math tests will be given when a math topic is completed.  This will not fall on the same day each week.   


         Homework will be sent home for reinforcement purposes.  It is sent home as needed and students may not have homework every night of the week.  Students are expected to complete the homework and return it the next day. Class work not completed in class must be finished and also returned the next day.  Homework will not be sent home on Friday nights.  Students are also encouraged to read nightly. There will be times that a reading log will be available in the binder for students to record books they’ve read.

Box Tops-

         Our class collects box tops!  Box tops can be found on many items families use around the house.  The students are familiar with them and are great at spotting them on products.  If you would like to save box tops for our school, please cut them out and place them in a plastic baggie or envelope.  Once you have a collection please send them to school with your child.  We appreciate each box top we receive.