Cheryl Hallman                   Janice Adcock

 Welcome to Mrs. Hallman's Pre-Kinder Class!

We are excited about our PreK Program!  PreK is the foundation of your child’s education as we lay the groundwork for each child's future success.  Research indicates that a child’s subconscious is formed by the age of five, and we strive to make their Pre-Kinder experience positive, fun, and successful.  Our classroom is very active as we laugh, learn, wiggle, and grow, together.

My name is Cheryl Hallman.  I graduated from Oklahoma State University with honors in May, 1992 with my Early Childhood Degree, and I began my teaching career with Frontier in August, 1992.  I live north of Stillwater with my husband Kenny and our very spoiled dogs. Our boys are grown & married, and now we’re having a blast with our grandkids!  I enjoy going to the lake, riding Quads, reading, & family time.

Janice Adcock is our Certified Teaching Assistant, and she began her career in Frontier in 2000.  She and her husband Jack live Northwest of Red Rock.  Their daughters have both graduated from Frontier and have now graduated from colledge as well.    Janice enjoys crafts of all kinds, & spending time with her family.

I believe discipline should be an educational opportunity to make better choices, rather than punishment without understanding of the problem.  Our goal for the children’s behavior is to learn the difference between positive and negative choices and the benefits or consequences of making these choices.  Positive behavior is encouraged and rewarded, and aggressive or violent behavior is not tolerated. 

We will be implementing our Reading Charts, where stickers are earned for good listening & participation during Story Time.  When the chart is filled, each child gets to pick out a prize from the Mustang Box, & starts over on a new chart.

Our curriculum is academically based, presented and reinforced in thematic units. We will learn about a different theme each week, with the required Oklahoma Academic Skills and district student skills incorporated into these units.  As we learn the letters of the alphabet, we will make an animal beginning with the letter sound and complete a page in our ABC Books.  We will create our own stories, write our first names, and learn colors, shapes, and numbers to 20. 

We are proud to be a Literacy First classroom!  Literacy First is a research based, systematic, & comprehensive reform process that accelerates reading achievement of all of our students from PreK through 4.  It closes the reading gap of all AYP subgroups as demonstrated on Nationally Normed Assessments.  Young children learn according to their developmental levels, and Literacy First allows our Prekinders to accelerate in accordance with their developmental growth.  We use lots of games and activities to facilitate the learnng of new concepts.

As we begin to learn how to write letters correctly, our students use only 4 specific strokes: big line, little line, big curve, & little curve.  We explore with wooden manipulatives of these shapes to discover how letters and shapes are formed.  We utilize manipulatives daily to help strengthen our fine motor skills.  Our students will learn to write their first names with the beginning capital letter, and the following letters will be lower case. Letter recognition focuses on lower case letters for the first semester, and we incorporate upper case letters in the second semester.

Envision Math is a program that engages the students as it strengthens their understanding of mathematics. We use problem based interactive learning and visual learning to deepen conceptual understanding, and provide date-driven differential instruction to ensure success for every student. Children understand how Math plays a vital part in their every day lives.

Our students attend Music and P.E. classes every day, and Counseling once a week.  Additionally, we have a whole class Speech & Language lesson once a week in our room.

I send newsletters home on Thursdays, in our Thursday Binders, and I also email it to the parents I have email addresses for. Please be sure to check your childs backpack & binder regularly. We have an exciting year ahead of us, and we are looking forward to getting to know you and your child! 

Please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, or concerns! 

School: (580) 723-4582       


Thank you for sharing your child with us! 

Cheryl Hallman


PreKinder Class Schedule

7:50  Children arrive on busses

7:55-8:15 Restrooms/Free Writing/Free Reading

8:20-8:40  Breakfast

8:45  Restrooms

8:50-9:05 Gathering Time (calendars, weather, review theme, letter of the week, days of the week,

                                      and months of the year.)

9:05-9:20 Large Group Time (Story and Promethean Board activities)

9:30-10:30  Music and PE

10:35-11:30  Literacy Center Rotations

11:45-12:05 Lunch

12:10-12:15 Restroom Breaks

12:15-1:05 Rest time

1:05-1:45 Free Choice Centers

1:50-2:10  Recess

2:15-2:25 Restroom Breaks

2:25-3:25  Math Center Rotations & Snacks

3:25 Prepare for departure & Load Busses

First Quarter Focus



~Understands and responds to verbal directions

~Recites/sings Alphabet in correct sequence

~Identifies first name in print

~Identifies ten colors (blue, red, yellow, orange, green, purple, pink,      brown, black, white)


~Participates in Calendar Activities

~Identifies shapes (circle, oval, square, rectangle, diamond, triangle, star, heart, crescent)

~Counts to 10

~Explore the concepts of More and Less

Science and Social Studies:

~Identifies the weather

~Identifies school personnel

~Explains how the Five Senses are used


Second Quarter Focus


***Continued review and practice of the previous quarter's focus, plus:


~Describes action in a picture

~Prints letters in name

~Identifies lower case letters in name


~Identifies numbers to 10

~Sorts and identifies objects in groups

~Identifies and describes same and different

~Demonstrates positional concepts

~Creates sets 1-5

Science and Social Studies:

~Recognizes patriotic symbols

~Identifies parts of the body

~States full name, age, gender, parents, & town

Third Quarter Focus


***Continued review and practice of the previous quarter's focus, plus:


~Identifies 14+ lower case letters of the alphabet

~Identifies 14+ upper case letters of the alphabet

~Tells the sound of 14+ letters of the alphabet

~Writes name in correct sequence


~Identifies sequencing of first, next, and last

~Identifies concepts of more, less, and equal

~Helps create and explains graphs

~Counts to 20

~Identifies and continues AB patterns

Science and Social Studies:

~Identifies common occupations

~Identifies holidays and their symbols

~Identifies the four seasons

Fourth Quarter Focus


***Continued review and practice of the previous quarter's focus, plus:


~Recognizes and claps syllables of words

~Recognizes simple rhyming pairs (cat/hat)

~Differentiates letters and words

~Counts the number of words/spaces in a sentence


~Counts using one-to-one correspondence

~Differentiates and identifies sizes (s,m,l)

~Identifies numbers to 20

~Create sets to 10

Science and Social Studies:

~Describes and sequences simple life cycles