My name is Corinn Auld and this is my second year of being a Frontier Mustang!! I currently teach 7th and 8th grade math, and have all girls athletics 5-12th grades. I came to Frontier after teaching and coaching in Mustang, El Reno, and Oklahoma City.  I've taught everything from PK-6 PE, 1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 6th Writing, and remedial math in middle school.  I've coached cross country, volleyball, basketball, and track at both Mustang High School and El Reno High School.  In the summers I teach intensive reading remediation to students at Edwards Elementary in Oklahoma City.

I am originally from Burns Flat, OK.  I graduated high school in 1996 and then attended Northwestern Oklahoma State University (Ride, Rangers, Ride!) After obtaining my bachelor of science degree in Elementary Education, I then graduated from the Educational Administration and Curriculum Supervision graduate degree program at the University of Oklahoma....Go Sooners!!

I have a daughter, Landry, who is 9 and is the third grade at Frontier Elementary.  We have a black lab named Cooper who keeps us on our toes.  He likes to patrol the neighborhood every once in a while.  In my spare time I enjoy attending OU sporting events, watching Steeler football and Thunder basketball, going to the lake, and reading.


Class Schedule for 2013-2014

1st hour (8:20-9:18) - 5/6 girls athletics

2nd hour (9:22-10:20) - 7th grade math

3rd hour (10:24-11:22) - 8th grade math

4th hour (11:50-12:45) - 7th grade math

5th hour (12:49-1:42) - 7/8 girls athletics

6th hour (1:46-2:39) - Plan

7th hour (2:43-3:35) - HS girls athletics



I have really enjoyed teaching middle school math.  While I had been at the elementary level in the classroom for several years, I am always up for new challenges! The main focus of middle school math is to prepare the students for pre-algebra/algebra their freshman year.  Key concepts that must be mastered are understanding fractions, decimals, and percents, operations with positive and negative integers, and being able to solve one and two step equations and graph them.

Some common skills that parents can practice with your students outside of school and home are to calculate the tax on a purchase, the tip at a restaurant, and the discount of an item.

Middle school math is sometimes difficult for parents to help their children at home because the concepts are beginning to become a little more difficult.  There is a phenomenal site that could teach YOU how to do these math concepts.  I usually show the lesson that is related to the skill in class, but it is a free website that gives you a thorough explanation about the skill.  The website is Once you access the website, you can put in any skill you wish to learn about in the search box.  The great part about this website is that is does not just pertain to math, you can learn about social studies, science, English, etc.  Ask your student how they feel about Sal! :)

Here are some websites that students can access at home to reinforce math skills through games:


Please feel free to call with any questions or concerns you may have.  Together we can ensure your child's success in math and in school!!


Corinn Auld

580-723-4361 ext. 2254