Frontier Indian Education


Indian Education at Frontier Public Schools will implement the following programming and services to meet the selected Title VI grant objectives for each academic school year. In accordance of federal guidelines the project will be administered by the Local Educational Agency (LEA) and will be advised by the community in the form of the Title VI Parent Advisory Committee. At the end of the 17/18 academic year Frontier Public Schools was made up of 60% Indian students.






Increase knowledge of cultural identity & awareness

Increase Academic Achievement 

Members of the community participate in the 2018 Frontier Teacher In-service Cultural Diversity Training as a panel. Left to Right: Christina Goodson-Faw Faw -OM Language HS Teacher, Brad Childs-Frontier School Board member, Alison Black-Director of Indian Education, James Black-OM Tribe Youth Director, Velda Rocha-Parent Advisory Committee member, Eugene BigSoldier-Parent Advisory Committee VP


Title VI Parent Advisory Committee

  • All meeting agendas and minutes are available upon request as well as the official parent advisory committee bylaws. Send inquiries or requests to or (580) 723-4360 and leave request with administration. Please allow 72 hours for process and documents will be emailed or mailed upon specification. 

  • All families of students with 506 ED Forms are welcome to serve in an officer capacity regardless of their own tribal affiliation.

  • Title VI oversight, Indian student & curriculum advocacy, powwow planning, activity planning, fundraisers, student awards, and community organizing!

Roster & 2018-2019 Schedule of Meetings


Parent advisory committee members attend the annual teacher appreciation banquet at the end of the school year. Left to right: Stephanie Ruff- Parent Advisory Committee president, Alison Black, Velda Rocha- Parent Advisory Committee member.

Helpful Links

506 ED Form - Students must have this form completed and on file to be eligible for services. These forms are collected and counted for Frontier's official Indian student count. If you have completed one for your student, even if they transferred and returned, it is not necessary to complete another. For more information contact Alison Black.

Tribal Consultation  - In accordance of Tile VI federal guidelines all schools with a Indian student population of greater than 40% must consult with local tribe(s) programs that are in the school district. 

Indian Policies & Procedures - In accordance with Title VII/Impact Aid federal regulations each school district with students residing on federal land must have approved Indian Policies & Procedures. Each year the IPP's are updated and revised annually at Title VI & Title VII public hearing held each spring. Public comments are open during Parent Advisory Committee meetings and school board meetings. 


Student Serena Horinek receives the 2018 MS Outstanding Student Award selected by the Parent Advisory Committee at the annual spring powwow. Left to Right: John Shotton-OM Tribe Chairman, Serena Horinek, April Moore-Parent Advisory Committee member, Nolan Grant- Parent Advisory Committee, & Eugene BigSoldier.





HS Frontier Inter-Tribal Youth Council/ASCEND OM Tribe
OM Tribe Language & Culture - Pre K thru 4th grade 
Otoe Missouria Language Class - High School
Native American Studies Class - High School
Teacher Professional Development training
OK Indian Challenge Bowl 
Oklahoma Indian Student Honor Society
Native American Heritage Month
Native American HS Leadership Class - College campus, Career Exploration
Cultural Field Trips
Family cultural nights
Annual Spring Powwow


Post High School Planning
Academic Coaching 
Senior application assistance 

Students Rock Your Mocs Day for Native American Heritage Month.Student dancers Marlen Enloe, Taylor Grant, Jamie Molina, Marilyn Goodman, & Genevieve Barnett wait to perform at the Native American Heritage Assembly.