Mr. Gottfried's Class:

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1st Hour: US History

2nd Hour: Oklahoma History/World History

3rd Hour: Government

4th Hour: Oklahoma History/World History

5th Hour: US History

6th Hour: Government

7th Hour: Plan



     This is my 7th year teaching, but only my 2nd here at Frontier Schools. I graduated from Stillwater High School in 1997, then a mere decade later, I graduated Oklahoma State University.

     I am married with three beautiful daughters; Bailey, Josie, and Jada. Bailey attends Stillwater Middle School where her mother works, and Josie and Jada attend Frontier. Bailey is 6th grade, while Josie and Jada are in 3rd and 1st grade respectively. My wife, MeLisa, works as a Para at Stillwater Middle School.

Me and My girls!