Mr. Gottfried's Class:

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1st Hour: Plan

*This is an ideal time to set up meetings/conferences when necessary

**Best to contact Office to set up meetings


2nd Hour: US History

*Primarily covers Reconstruction-Now

3rd Hour: World History

*Covers virtually all of History


4th Hour: World History

5th Hour: OK History/Government

*1st Semester Oklahoma History

*2nd Semester Government

6th Hour:OK History/Government

7th Hour: US History



  This will be my 6th year at Frontier Schools, 11th overall. It has been a priviledge and honor to work with and serve the students at this school. Hopefully we will make this year the most effective and rewarding for the students.

Emphasis this year will be on understanding sources and growing our literacy in history. This will serve to aid the students in many areas of life, but will more immediately aid them in preperation for ACT and college readiness. Sources and evaluation of sources aids greatly in understanding issues and looking for solutions. 

A greater investment will be made in the relevant academic vocab than before. It has always had a place within my classroom, but understanding the terms is like unlocking the information. There needs to be a certain understanding with the terminology for there to be understanding. 

Looking forward to a great year and meeting challenges alongside my colleagues and the students.