2019-2020 STUCO Officers:

President - Ty Scherman 
Vice President - Alena Sly
Secretary - Amy Lane
Treasurer - Sydney Coble
Reporter - Emily Tarr

STUCO activities:


Frontier 2018 Homecoming:

The STUCO members teamed up with the cheerleaders to host the 2018 Frontier Homecoming activities that included hanging stockings on students’ lockers and filling them daily with sweet treats, creating spirit posters, hosting a pep assembly, and homecoming t-shirt sales. The event was held on a Tuesday evening this year, so all activities were planned from the previous Wednesday to the following Tuesday event. STUCO members decorated an arch with red, black, and silver ribbons and lights for the King and Queen coronation. Balloons were a minimal this year due to latex allergies. Several mylar balloons were used as backdrop decor including the larger silver “2018” balloons. The event lasted about 15 minutes, and there was plenty of time for photos. This year’s Homecoming King and Queen are Ezrah Tah-DeLodge and Marilyn Goodman.



Thunder Day of Service:

The STUCO “Thunder Day of Service” was held on Saturday, December 15 at the OKC Regional Food Bank. Thirteen STUCO members were in attendance along with two sponsors. The event started at the Regional Food Bank where there was a guest speaker, Oklahoma House of Representative Forrest Bennett, plenty of photo opportunities, and three hours of filling non perishable food items to complete an order for student’s backpack meals. The bags of food items were part of a massive attempt to send students home with food over Christmas Break. 18,000 bags were filled that day. The event concluded with the STUCO members getting to attend a Thunder game. Each STUCO member was given a shirt, and at the end of the game all STUCO members were asked to come to the floor for a group photo on the center of the court.


Guest Speaker:  Oklahom House of Representative Mr. Forrest Bennett