Noble County Families,

We are excited to announce E-Sports, a cutting edge sport focused on character development through video games. E-Sports will begin September 13, 2021 with practices and games held at the Noble County Family YMCA twice per week for 8 weeks.

E-Sports is popping up across the country as a fully-fledged sport, even some colleges offering scholarships to gamers. The Y is Noble Co’s only E Sports League, with High School & Middle School teams, training and gaming together. Coaches lead teams and help individuals develop their individual skills and take on other regional teams in tournaments!

Students will get to connect with other teens from Perry and with teams at other YMCAs across the Midwest. E-Sports develops friendships, communication and problem-solving skills, collaboration, self-awareness and STEAM skills in an atmosphere of friendly & fierce competition. Students will have the opportunity to play Smash Bros, 2k21, and Rocket League!

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